Laffin Hair

Billing Terms and Condition

Billing Terms and Condition

We Accept The Following Payment Methods

* PayPal

* MasterCard

* Visa Credit Card

* American Express

* Discover

Payment Of PayPal

1.You have your PayPal account, then choose the PayPal to complete the payment directly.

Payment Of Credit Card

1.You click MasterCard, Visa Credit Card, American Express, discover payment directly, you will be redirected to the PayPal website, then choose the payment method again, and fill in your card information to complete the payment.

Note: Your credit card will be charged upon placement of your order.

Pay Attention

Please do not use “e-check” payment, this payment states are “uncleared”, this shows we do not receive your payment now, we cannot arrange the shipment for you.

We will wait the states change to “cleared”, we receive the payment, we will arrange the shipment, usually this takes 4-5 days.

We will check our PayPal account, when we confirm to receive the payment, we will arrange the shipment. Orders are subject to verification and acceptance prior to shipping.

If you have any question, please inquire,

Phone: +8618563739849